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10 Apr

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #47: The Kahn Protocols

Hi there, True Believers! …

Wait, that may be trademarked; probably shouldn’t use that.


Hi there, Cosmonauts…

No, that won’t work either…


Hi there, space explorers!

Yeah, that should be okay.

In this issue of MTMJ, we are pleased to embark on an exploration of the retro-sci-fi game which has been on our radar ever since it was released at GenCon a few years ago. It has since spawned two incredible supplements, and a new adventure for every Free RPG Day since its publication. (And, well, Joshua Burnett didn’t show up, so we couldn’t do Dresden, but that’s beside the point…). We are, of course, talking about…

COSMIC PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to follow along with us as we read rules, pick characters, and try to kick the landing gear of this game, you can find the free adventure The Kahn Protocols here.

Grab your rocket ship and your trusty raygun, download this issue…

…and enjoy.

Incidentally, in my closing remarks, I neglected to give you our web address; so in case you’re reading this from a podcatcher of some sort, here is our website.

Now geddouda heeah. Ya bodda me.

24 Mar

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #46: Echoterrorist

Hi, Gang! Here ’tis, our fourth Dresden Files session. Our first “book” in this series is rolling along toward its climax, and we’ve grabbed on with both white-knuckled hands! Download this issue, and come along for the ride!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, so you can join in the episode discussion that is sure to follow. Just go to our website, and click on the prominent link there. It’s just. That. Easy.


8 Mar

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #45: A Stir of Echo

Hi, gang!

As promised, here is the third Dresden Files session. We wound up doing some judicious editing rather than re-recording, so there is still some Skype … residue, if you will. Still, this shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of the issue.

If you want to discuss the episode, please find us on Facebook and join the fun. As discussed elsewhere in the blog, we had to discontinue comments on the blog, so Facebook will be our new method of communication. Of course, you can always send us an email at

Work is already underway on the next issue, so no more months-long delays. We’re off and running, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!!


…and enjoy!

8 Mar

Red Alert! Red Alert!!

Hi, gang.

This is a heads-up to let you know that we of MTMJ are aware that comments have been unavailable to you for about a week or so now. This is not an accident. Some rather naughty people found a way to hack into our server via comments and/or spambot users. Either way, we’ve been able to curtail the problem, but felt it prudent to turn comments off. As an alternative, because we love getting your feedback and discussing our podcast, I invite you to like us on Facebook. I’ll be keeping the page up-to-date as new issues are posted, and you can easily comment on those threads. I’m looking into the possibility of starting up a Monkeys Took My Jetpack group on Facebook as well, and that would allow us to do anything else we want, such as discussing games, launching impromptu get-togethers for gaming, etc. Pretty much anything the forums could do, we can conceivably do through Facebook. Love our forums, but times change, and so does technology, and I’m extremely late to the Facebook party, but it seems the easiest way to go, now that blog commenting is being discontinued. I’m hoping this will actually prove more convenient for people rather than less, since most of the planet seems to be on Facebook. In any event, thanks for your understanding. See you on our Facebook page!

1 Mar

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #44: Barbarians of Lemuria

Hey, gang!

I know this isn’t the Dresden Files session you all have been waiting for. Rest assured, that’s coming. It’s just taking longer than anticipated. So, to tide you over, I give you, with admittedly minimal editing, our one-shot of Barbarians of Lemuria. I hope you enjoy this issue. I had a lot of fun revisiting this session; I’d remembered the game being awesome, but listening to this has made me want to take this system out for another spin, whether it be using its default genre, or one of the many iterations that have been produced–everything from post-apocalypse to pulp adventure to action-adventure series ripped from the ‘80s.

Anyway, since I neglected to mention it in my opening remarks, I remind you here that you can either write a comment below letting us know what you thought of the game, or send us an email directly to We love hearing from you.

Stay tuned. Dresden will be coming shortly.

Thanks for listening.


30 Nov

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #43: Echolocation

Howzit goin’, ev’rybuddy? It’s time for another rollicking issue of our thrilling podcast! In this issue, we bring you our second session of our Dresden Files campaign, recorded on August 6, 2012. Grab your blasting rod, wizard’s staff, and that talking skull you keep in your basement, and come join us for some investigation as we try to find … well, why let me spoil it for you? Click the above link, download the issue…

…and enjoy!

3 Nov

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #42: Another Crazy Night at the Gomez House

Hi, gang.

This is a momentous occasion. At long last, we’re finally posting the first session of our Dresden Files campaign! Recorded back on eith July 23 or 24 of 2012, depending on whose file you refer to for the date, we had no idea it would be the start of something which is still going on nearly a year and a half later.

Incidentally, I didn’t think the language in this episode warranted the Explicit Language disclaimer, but I’m listening to the session as I type this and wonder if I made a bad judgment call there. My compromise is to mention it here in the show notes, and remind you that this *is* an explicit podcast, even though many episodes don’t warrant that tag. Better safe than sorry. In fact, consider this entire campaign under that banner. While much of it may be safe for work, there’s always the chance of the occasional bomb, F or otherwise, escaping. You’ve been warned.

Enough of this jibber-jabber! Use the above link to download …

… and enjoy!

2 Nov

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #41: Happy Halloween!


Here it is, our Halloween issue. And in what is, whether I like it or not, becoming a tradition around here, I’m posting it shortly *after* the holiday!

We’re dusting off one of the greatest role-playing games, in my opinion, to ever grace the shelves of a Friendly Local Gaming Store. This is the original Ghostbusters RPG from West End Games, released in 1986. It was definitely a life-changer for me as a gamer, and I’d say it was for West End Games as a company as well. This game was the precursor to their Star Wars game, which spawned the system now known as Open D6. It all started here, with this game.

So get yourself in an ‘80s frame of mind, grab a big bowl of candy, sit back, relax …

…and enjoy!

26 Oct

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #40: Blood Island

Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrrr!!!!!!

Talk Like a Pirate Day it may not be, but ne’er have buccaners the likes o’ us cared less. We be headin’ for piratical goin’s-on in this here issue, an’ we’re usin’ the 1PG system t’ do it! If ye be wantin’ to head out to sea yerself, here be the game. A Spanish gallion’s worth o’ treasure is found in that download, so set sail! Listen to th’ podcast! Play th’ game! An’ above all, mateys…


6 Oct

Cartoon Action Hour – Captive Souls #16

Hi, gang!

At long last, here it is–the season (series?) finale of Captive Souls! I could write more here, but frankly, what I wanted to say is all included in my opening and closing remarks. So enough reading! Click on the link, download the episode…

…and enjoy!!!!