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29 Mar

Be On The Lookout For Expected Downtime

Hi, everyone.

Just a quick announcement to let you all know that our web host is changing, and so, things will be in a state of flux for a bit. This could result in several days’ worth of down time for the website and/or our email address. If this happens, don’t be alarmed. We’re just in a transitional period. We’ll be back up in a matter of days. I can’t tell you exactly when this will happen. But it will happen, and I just didn’t want anyone to think we’ve gone the way of the dodo.

Thanks for your patience during this hectic time.

Keep your imagination soaring!

29 Mar

Cartoon Action Hour: Captive Souls #13

Hi, gang!

Just in time for Easter, we have a new episode of Cartoon Action Hour: Captive Souls. It’s not too much of an understatement to say that this is a particularly dreamy episode. As if all that wasn’t enough, with Lucas prominently featured, we’ve even got the St. Patrick’s Day angle covered! In short, March is the perfect time to finally post this latest episode to the feed. Grab a bowl of cereal and some milk, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Don’t forget, you can always give us much-appreciated feedback. Just either comment on this blog entry, or send your email to You can also post feedback to our forums, provided we can figure out how to update them properly. 😉

Happy Easter, everyone!

17 Mar

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #36: Dungeon World Character Generation

Hi, gang!

Here we are again, with a brand-new issue! We’re getting the not-so-new-anymore year off to a great start with some good old-fashioned character generation. The cast is small: myself, Josh, and a newcomer to the Jetpackless playing field (at least as far as the podcast is concerned), none other than T-Biddy himself, the great and powerful Trilobite!!!!!! Under Josh’s more-than-capable leadership, we are generating characters for the new Apocalypse World “hack,” Dungeon World.

It’s short but sweet, but it’s a set-up of things to come. Just you wait and see.

Don’t forget, any feedback can be either commented to the blog, or emailed to us at


26 Dec

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #35: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – Won’t You Guide My Sleigh?

Hi, gang. And a Merry Christmas, or, if you insist, a happy holiday to everyone!!!

Yes, I know, this issue is a day late. The sad truth is that I could’ve had this posted yesterday, but for the fact that I got hit with a massive fever. Slept nearly 18 hours!

Despite its lateness, I hope you are still able to enjoy this, our holiday episode!

As a special gift, I’m including a picture Kedamono put together of a special guest star in the story. I urge you, if you’re at all interested in avoiding spoilers, to only click the link until *after* you finish the issue, or at the very least, until the picture gets mentioned in the issue.

A new year means new and much more frequent content for MTMJ, albeit with much less post-production. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, something had to give, and that was it. If time permits in the future, I shall resume the sound effects and music with which I enjoy enhancing these podcasts.

Enough babbling from me. Enjoy the holiday issue!

14 Oct

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #34: Beach Blanket Zo!

Hi, gang.

It took waaaaaaaaaaay longer to get here than I ever intended or imagined, but here it is. Truth to tell, I think knowing this was the last Zo issue for the foreseeable future made it very difficult to edit. But here it is. And, as it happens, I am the bearer of glad tidings. This wasn’t the case when I recorded my remarks for the issue, but we’ve since scheduled some sessions to bring our Zo campaign to at least a satisfactory close. I know, I know, I could’ve redone the remarks to reflect this, but I am notoriously lazy about such things, and really wanted to get this issue out at long last.

Anyway, knowing the above, this issue isn’t nearly as bittersweet as it was. Much more sweet than bitter. Anyway, go forth now, and downlload the issue.


2 Jul

Cartoon Action Hour – Captive Souls #12

Hooray!!!! It’s here! It’s finally here! And *only* here!!! We’ve finally moved on to exclusive territory! Nowhere else can you find this issue of Captive Souls.

I hope this actual-play showcases the fun and excitement which can be had using the Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2 role-playing game. And yet, I feel it incumbent on me to apologize to Cynthia Celeste Miller, because as we got further and further into the Captive Souls story, we played faster and looser with the rules as written, and certainly with the ‘80s code. Ours is an ‘80s cartoon as might have been broadcast on late-night HBO. Well, okay, maybe not that bad, but … Someday, I want to run a CAHS2 game myself and pay closer heed to the RAW, just ‘cause.

Anyway, enough chatter from me.


25 Jun

An Announcemnt

Hey gang, Josh here. Just an update. Due to some individual private issues, Pat has had to drop out of the podcast and Nikki has had to go on indefinite hiatus. This is one of the reasons there haven’t been any new-new episodes for a while.

All our love, prayers, and secular well-wishes go with Pat and Nikki, and we hope they’ll return to us soon.

In the mean time, we’ve added some new-old faces to the cast, and we finally started recording some new episodes last week!

Thanks for sticking with us

25 Jun

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #33: Pirates and Persuasion


At super-long last, here it is, our 33rd issue! After a much lengthier hiatus than originally intended, we’re finally back on track! Or at least, a good ways toward heading in the right direction!

And what better way to usher in what could arguably be referred to as our second season than continuing our adventurous campaign using the Zorcerer of Zo game from Atomic Sock Monkey Press? It’s about damned time!

A quick word of warning: This session was actually recorded in mid-December of 2011. I take full responsibility for its lateness, and hope that won’t detract from your enjoyment of the issue. Just know there are some references to movies which are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!!! Grrrrrr…

Oh, and this issue does feature a special guest cameo. Be on the lookout.Anyway, it’s great to be back.


22 Jun

Cartoon Action Hour – Captive Souls #11

This is it, gang. The last of the old, making way for the new! Starting Monday, June 25, this feed will resume all-new material! And that’s not me making with an iffy deadline. That’s me with the next issue of MTMJ ready to go. I have but to post it to the feed.

Our flight hit a superturbulent air pocket, and it nearly crashed us, but at the last second, Jetpack Jack prevailed, and now, we’re soaring again! Not to say we came out of it completely unscathed, but that’s a subject for a later post. Right now, let’s just enjoy the ride that is Captive Souls.

Here’s the episode.


14 Jun

Cartoon Action Hour – Captive Souls #10

We’re in the home stretch now, gang, with two more sessions—including this one–until we get to all-new territory! So if this post and the opening remarks of the session seem a bit rushed, it’s because I’m anxious to get these posted and get us heading for bold new horizons.


Here’s the link.