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17 Aug

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #I1: Josh de Lioncourt

The next Dresden is taking a bit longer than anticipated, so to tide you over, I have an MTMJ first: [&hellip

22 May

Yo! Here comes J.I.N.G.O.!

Hey, gang, Josh here. My newest QAGS project, J.I.N.G.O. — America’s Greatest Combat Squad, ┬áis here and ready for you [&hellip

6 Mar

Leopard Women of Venus!

Josh’s latest project for Hex Games is finally done and ready for your enjoyment! Leopard Women of Venus is a [&hellip

4 Dec

QAGS Holiday Sale!

Who loves QAGS? Monkeys Took My Jet Pack loves QAGS! You should too, if you wanna be cool. You wanna [&hellip