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5 Oct

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #29: Dream Thiever

Hey there, hi there, ho there (Where?)! We’re back with yet another issue crammed full of action, excitement, and entertainment! Once again, we’re returning to the Zantabulous Land of Zo, as provided for us by the wonderful roleplaying game, the Zorcerer of Zo, from Atomic Sock Monkey Press. If you don’t have it, get it!

We join Jarrod and his newly-acquired Speaking Sword poised on the brink of battle, while across the way, Princess Zephyr seems unavoidably poised on the brink of battle with none other than Thomas the Big Ol’ Grumpy Talking Bear! What will become of our heroes, and will any of these shenanigans bring them any closer to Nick Pockets, the Dream Thief–to say nothing of finding Zephyr’s missing sisters? Download via the above link, and find out!


21 Sep

Feedback Show (September 10, 2011)

Hi, gang. It’s a feedback show. It has … er … feedback. ‘Nuff said.

Oh. Not quite ‘nuff said after all. Since this was recorded, I learned I’d been accidentally giving eroneous info about where to go to sign up for MonkeyCon. Don’t worry. Our promo has it right; I just thought I had found a shortcut to go directly to the convention itself.) So in order to visit MonkeyCon and sign up (and you *all* want to do that, right? Riiiiiiiight.), either go to Con Planner and search for MonkeyCon, or just click on the nifty link here in the Links section of our website.

Hokay. Enough outta me. Enjoy the feedback.

20 Sep

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #28: Preparations

Hello, everyone. If you are wondering what took this issue so long to materialize, you need look no further than George Lucas and Mrs. BlindGeek. For an Anniversary present, she bestowed upon me the Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray box set. As it is, I’ve only managed to get through the first four parts of the saga, factoring in time for listening to the commentary tracks, and the coolest thing ever–all six Star Wars films were given descriptive-audio tracks! What this means is that a narrator describes the action on screen, making sure to not step on dialogue. It’s pre-scripted narration, so they give a pretty decent amount of detail. If you ever feel like watching a Star Wars film while doing housework or something else where you can’t see the screen while you work, you might have some fun checking it out.

Anyway, you don’t read this blog to learn of my movie-watching habits. You want to learn about the latest issue!

It’s another chapter in our Zorcerer of Zo saga. We find our heroes together but apart (Hmm, probably would’ve been a better title, but oh well…) on the Island of Repose. Will they find each other? Will Zephyr find Nick Pockets? Will Thomas run afoul of anyone while he’s here? Will Webster find true love? Is he even looking for it? Will Jarrod find a way to make himself useful? Some of these questions will be answered in this issue. Of course, some won’t … but finding out which is which is half the fun.

Enough babbling from me.

Go forth and download!


28 Aug

Feedback Show: The Resurrection

We said they would never be back. We said you’d heard the last of them. We said there was a better way.

Obviously, we lied.

Reasons are given in the podcast, so let’s just say it’s feedback, it’s fun, it’s for keeps. Feedback shows are the way of the future, and we think everyone will be the better for it, once the “Oh god, not change!” feeling has subsided.

Thanks for understanding, and above all, thanks for listening.

3 Aug

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #27: Choices

I know, I know, it’s been a month. I apologize for that. Explanation is given in the issue, so I won’t belabor it here. Suffice it to say, I’ll try not to let it happen again, at least without letting you loyal and wonderful listeners know beforehand.

Anyway, we’re back!

In this issue, we present another session of Zorcerer of Zo. Will Jarrod Stanwick be giving up his teeth in exchange for a trip back home? What will our heroes find at Redhook Island? And what is this MonkeyCon people keep talking about? All of these questions and more will be answered in the issue, although some answers may not be what you expect. (Of course, this is S.O.P. for the Jetpackless, so why you’re expecting *anything* at this point is beyond me. ;-))

Anyway, enjoy the issue. And thanks for your patience. Again.

29 Jul

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #26: A Shady Bizness On The Level

Hey there, cats ’n’ kitties, we’re back with another solid issue, and this time, we’re serving up another dose of Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown. It’s been a while, so if you want to remind yourself where we left off, or if you’ve never taken the opportunity to enjoy Funky Frank as presented to you by the Jetpackless before, check out the following issues. (No links, because I’ve found it tends to mess with some aggrigators. Sorry, folks.)

MTMJ#5: A Shady Bizness Afoot
MTMJ#7: A Shady Bizness At Hand
MTMJ#12: A Shady Bizness On The Rise

At any rate, we hope you enjoy this visit with the Prometheus Jones Detective Agency. And fear not. We will resume the adventures of Princess Zephyr and Company next issue.

Oh, I almost forgot. Due to an unexpected hijacking of my regularly scheduled remarks, I didn’t have a chance to entreat you: If you are enjoying these adventures in Monstertown, and if you’re looking for a cinematic, flexible, innovative, and just-plain-fun game system that can be run with easy prep and often without even having to open the rulebook during the game, do yourself and your gaming group a huge favor and check out Hex Games and all of the swell product they have to offer. Funky Frank is available for under a buck, and the Qik Start Rules of QAGS are quite playable, and available as a free download. Good grief, talk about a high-yield, low-cost investment!

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Go download, listen, and enjoy.

15 Jul

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #25: Tooth Or Consequences

Hi again, gang.

Boy, after all my beleaguering the point of how short this issue is, both at the end of MTMJ#24 and the beginning of this one, and after actually putting it together and looking at the duration, it’s really not that short. This is, in fact, our shortest issue so far… but only by about a minute, with MTMJ#18 a close second. So when you hear me talking about how short the issue is at the beginning, just pat me on the virtual head and bestow a patronizing gaze upon me.

Anyway, on with the show.

In this issue, we’re back with more of the Zorcerer of Zo. Our unlikely band of heroes have sailed away, and wait till you hear what befalls them! I guarantee you, this issue takes a turn you didn’t see coming.

And with that, I invite you to click on the above link and download the issue. ANd further, I invite you to discuss it, either here or in our forums.


7 Jul

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #24: Come Sail Away

Hi, gang!

We’re back with another trip to the Zantabulous Land of Zo! Think of this as somewhat of an interlude after the Sea Wolf skirmishes and troll tussles from the last couple issues. Still, if you know us at all, then you know interlude never equals boring. So have fun.

By the way, due to receiving the gem which introduces this issue moments before it was put together for posting, I was unable to put an official thank-you into the podcast, so allow me, please, to rectify that oversight here. Thunderstep, you unequivocly rock in the most rockish way possible. We love receiving things like this–not only because it’s a heck of an ego-stroke, but even more, because it’s well-produced audio inspired by the stuff we do! How flattering and awesome is that!?!? So now, Thunderstep, you join the likes of Copycat042, Xofour, Trilobite and Kedamono. If only we had a cool figurine of a monkey wearing a jetpack in a heroic (or maybe even better, a frightened-to-death) pose, we would send one to each of you. Your contributions mean more than you can know. And they’re just damned fun, to boot!

Make no mistake, everyone; your comments and forum posts mean so much to us as well, which is why we read them on the podcast … so all o’ y’all, keep this stuff coming! It makes our day, our week, our month…

I could continue to gush, but this is already becoming obnoxiously long for a podcast-blog entry. Stop reading this and download the issue, for cryin’ out loud!

And enjoy.


28 Jun

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #23: Sea Wolves, Stratagem, And Ceremony

We’re back with yet another session of Zo. Will our unlikely band of heroes be able to stop the dreaded Sea Wolves from decimating the Badger Kingdom? Will they ever get any further toward finding Princess Zephyr’s sisters? Will Thomas have a chance to eat more chicken? Will Webster speak? Will Jarrod ever get anything right? Some of these questions may in fact be answered in this issue of Monkeys Took My Jetpack. Others … well, who’s to say some of these questions weren’t rhetorical?


20 Jun

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #22: Dinner, Dancing, and Death

Huzzah!!! Hurrah!!! Yippeeeee!!! Yahoo!!! Google!!! Bing!!!! Waidaminit!!!!…

Why has prompted these enthusiastic exaltations? Why, a new MTMJ, of course! And a return to what began as a simple one-shot and is … well, still going on!

Yes, of course, I’m talking about the Zorcerer of Zo. Finally, we find out what happened when Princess Zephyr and her band of unlikely aides joined the Badger King for dinner in his palace. Were questions about Zephyr’s sisters answered? Was Jarrod misunderstood? Again? Did Thomas get his fill of chicken? Did Webster speak? These and other questions are answered herein, though some of the answers won’t be what you might expect.

At any rate, the cast is covered in the issue. And by the way, if you’re one who notices such things, I’m aware the filename is incorrectly listing the issue as #21. Sorry about the inconsistency. We will do better next time.

Enough babbling for now. Enjoy the issue.