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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #35: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – Won’t You Guide My Sleigh?

26 Dec 2012 by BlindGeek, 4 Comments »

Hi, gang. And a Merry Christmas, or, if you insist, a happy holiday to everyone!!!

Yes, I know, this issue is a day late. The sad truth is that I could’ve had this posted yesterday, but for the fact that I got hit with a massive fever. Slept nearly 18 hours!

Despite its lateness, I hope you are still able to enjoy this, our holiday episode!

As a special gift, I’m including a picture Kedamono put together of a special guest star in the story. I urge you, if you’re at all interested in avoiding spoilers, to only click the link until *after* you finish the issue, or at the very least, until the picture gets mentioned in the issue.

A new year means new and much more frequent content for MTMJ, albeit with much less post-production. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, something had to give, and that was it. If time permits in the future, I shall resume the sound effects and music with which I enjoy enhancing these podcasts.

Enough babbling from me. Enjoy the holiday issue!

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