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2 Nov

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #41: Happy Halloween!

Boohoohoohoohahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaah…..!!!!!!!!!! Here it is, our Halloween issue. And in what is, whether I like it or not, becoming a tradition [&hellip

26 Oct

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #40: Blood Island

Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrrr!!!!!! Talk Like a Pirate Day it may not be, but ne’er have buccaners the likes o’ us [&hellip

20 Aug

The Advertitans!

Hi, gang. It’s been a while, and now that the dust has settled and I can finally resume prepping Cartoon [&hellip

26 Dec

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #35: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – Won’t You Guide My Sleigh?

Hi, gang. And a Merry Christmas, or, if you insist, a happy holiday to everyone!!! Yes, I know, this issue [&hellip

17 Feb

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #32: One Night In Vegas

Okay, so it’s not what I said it would be–and, to be frank, it’s not what I thought it would [&hellip

10 Feb

Cartoon Action Hour – Captive Souls #5

Hot on the heels of Captive Souls #4 comes this installment of Captive Souls. Our session happened to fall on [&hellip

24 Apr

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #18: An Easter Eggstravaganza!

I’m keeping this very brief because it’s nearly 4 a.m. here and I need to be up and active in [&hellip

20 Apr

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #17: Yesterday’s Tomorrows Today

Another in our string of one-shots as, for one reason or another, each week, someone can’t make it to the [&hellip

8 Apr

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #16: E.D.: The Extradetestable

Still a bit late, but getting back on track. This issue finds us playing Invaderz: Pocket Edition, a wonderful game [&hellip

17 Jan

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #7: The Chris-mas Adventure, Part 2

Well, this seems to be the month of possible finalities. Last week, we had what will probably be the final [&hellip