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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #44: Barbarians of Lemuria

1 Mar 2014 by BlindGeek, No Comments »

Hey, gang!

I know this isn’t the Dresden Files session you all have been waiting for. Rest assured, that’s coming. It’s just taking longer than anticipated. So, to tide you over, I give you, with admittedly minimal editing, our one-shot of Barbarians of Lemuria. I hope you enjoy this issue. I had a lot of fun revisiting this session; I’d remembered the game being awesome, but listening to this has made me want to take this system out for another spin, whether it be using its default genre, or one of the many iterations that have been produced–everything from post-apocalypse to pulp adventure to action-adventure series ripped from the ‘80s.

Anyway, since I neglected to mention it in my opening remarks, I remind you here that you can either write a comment below letting us know what you thought of the game, or send us an email directly to We love hearing from you.

Stay tuned. Dresden will be coming shortly.

Thanks for listening.


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