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27 Nov

Monkeys Took My Jetpack #2: The Mystery of the Robot Box

What’s that you say? You just can’t get enough of the pulpy Wushu goodness that is Pulp Fu? Well, glad to hear it! This week, we present a Wushu game which occurred near the end of October, when Pat was unexpectedly absent. It worked out rather nicely, though, since it gave Chris (and me, come to think of it) a chance to create a Wushu character.

Grab some popcorn, because it just doesn’t get much more cinematic than…

The Mystery of the Robot Box!

Our Cast:
BlindGeek: Gamemaster
Chris: Natasha Houdini
Josh: The Magpie
Nikki: Kai the Jungle Savage

Be warned: Due to an uncertainty of what we were going to play (if anything) once we knew Pat wasn’t able to make it, there’s a pretty fair amount of pre-game banter (although that does include Chris and I creating our characters), so if you want to get to the game instantly, game-play commences at 57:29. You’ll be missing lots of fun schtuff, though, if you skip ahead like that. In any event, no matter how you choose to listen to it, we hope you enjoy the issue.

Links For This Issue:
The Gutter Skypes: Episode 70 – The game session where Magpie and Kai first appeared
Song 2 by Blur – The song Nikki thinks of whenever we mention “Wushu”
Pulp Fu – The game we play in this issue

Other Games We Discuss:
Sons of Liberty, Roanoke, Dogs in the Vineyard

22 Nov

One Game To Bring Them All…!

Who says good things can’t happen on Mondays?

This is it! The Big Event! (No no, not *that* event. We’re not at all affiliated with that TV show.) Monkeys Took My Jetpack is finally launched!

You’re just one click away from hilarity, hijinx, and a healthy heap of high-flying hominids!

There’s still some experimenting going on, both with the podcast and this blog, so please forgive the occasional oops as we go, but by the gods, a-go we are! We’re off and running–nay, flying!–and there’s no stoppin’ us now!

Nope, no hints of what’s to come here. You’ll just have to click the link above and find out. Enjoy.


The Gutter Skypes – to bring you up to speed on who all these characters are

Pulp Fu – the game we’re playing in this issue

The Wushu Wiki – One Wiki to Rule Them All (as far as Wushu is concerned, anyway)

Spirit of the Century (SotC) – The game which inspired all these Skype-gaming shenanigans in the first place

CthulhuTech Core Book – A game which is mentioned in a brief but enthusiastic discussion

Decoder Ring Theater – An incredibly awesome podcast no pulp fan should be without!

The Bugle – A funny and informative podcast recommended by our own Josh

Throwing any professionalism to the wind, I just want to say this is my first attempt at creating show notes, so if these links don’t work or if you have any suggestions on how to better structure them, please let me know.

Thanks very much, and thanks *very* much for listening to our podcast!

21 Nov

Monkeys are Imminent!

Welcome to the Monkeys Took My Jetpack website! Things are moving along nice and smooth. Issue 1 should be posted in mere days!