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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #15: Spookless In Seattle

27 Mar 2011 by BlindGeek, 2 Comments »

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. It’s been two weeks since the last issue. I”m sorry. Between getting my wife ready to leave or London for three months, getting a bad cold, and rediscovering books, editing kind of got lost in the shuffle for a while. Rest assured, I’ll get back on schedule as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience.

In MTMJ#14, we saw them train. Now, we get to see them in action. Of course, I’m talking about our field agents in Bureau 13.

It was supposed to be a simple assignment: babysit Seattle while Team Freemont went on a much-needed and well-earned vacation for a couple weeks. But we should’ve known better. We should’ve known we would be fools to think we’d ever find it…

Spookless in Seattle!

BLINDGEEK: Daniel Jenson, Piano Teacher Turned Supernaturalist
CHRIS: Richard Shaw, Knight of the Templar
NIKKI: Carmela O’Malley, Vampire Hunter
PAT: Carl Katon, Ordinary Average Guy
JOSH: Book Antiqua, Psychic Hipster


Tri Tac Games/Bureau 13
Bill Hicks
Grant Morison
Talking With Gods
Josh’s T-Shirts
“Who’s Next” by Tom Lehrer
Terry Pratchett
Hex Games
Leopard Women of Venus
Dragon Age RPG


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