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The Advertitans!

20 Aug 2013 by BlindGeek, 9 Comments »

Hi, gang.

It’s been a while, and now that the dust has settled and I can finally resume prepping Cartoon Action Hour and MTMJ, it’ll be a while longer. So to tide you over, this is an actual-play recording from Gamestorm 13, wherein I ran my first–and so far, only–convention game. I was a bit nervous, and upon leaving for the convention, I’d neglected to bring any of my notes, so I was pretty much winging it … but I think it came out pretty good, all things considered. I hope you agree.

As I mention in the opening remarks, it is recommended that you listen to this with headphones. The recording was designed to be heard with headphones, so you can get the full immersive experience of being present at the game. Also, for this game, Yum Yums were Butterfinger mini-eggs, since Easter was right around the corner. If you hear a small thump or roll, chances are it was an egg being tossed at someone. Ain’t QAGS grand?

Okay, I think that covers everything. Download the file, don your headphones…

…and enjoy!

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