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The Current State of Things

19 Jul 2013 by BlindGeek, No Comments »

Hi, everyone.

This is just a quick announcement post to let you all know what’s happening around here in MTMJ-land.

First off, I know some of you have sent in comments and are probably wondering why the hell they aren’t posted to the blog yet. Well, as it happens, Word Press is being wonky, and I can’t log in. Therefore, I can’t approve your posts. And the person who can fix this for me is currently having a wonderful time at the San Diego ComiCon, the lucky stiff, and won’t be back to his warm, safe internet connection where he can assist me for about a month. So there’s a chance he can get away from his SoCal shenanigans long enough to do something, but I believe in planning for the worst-case scenario and gratefully ditching said plans when it becomes clear they’re unnecesary. So let’s assume your comments won’t get posted for a while. Best way to get ahold of us if you want a response from me is to email

In other news, my father succumbed to cancer on July 8, and I’ll be away from anything podcast-related (at least as far as editing is concerned) for about a week. So there’s going to be a delay before the next Cartoon Action Hour. Not talking months or anything, but two to three weeks aren’t outside the realm of possibility. Thanks for your patience. Some who already know what’s been going on have sent me wonderful offerings of help and friendship, and I can’t thank you enough for those. You know who you are, and you all rock beyond words’ ability to quantify. That’s one of the truly remarkable things about this hobby of ours–you think you’re just getting together for a night of gaming every week or two, but before you know it, you’ve got friends whose bond is greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak. And some of you, I haven’t even met across a virtual gaming table, but your heart-felt wishes and sentiments are equally precious to me. Thank you all.

Okay, grab a Klenex, wipe your eyes, and let’s get on to happier things. I’m still taking votes on what to do with issue #40, but unless lots of people step up (at least four of you), we have a clear winner. No, I’m not telling which one; I don’t want to influence the vote. Send your votes to THanks.

All right. Enough babbling from me. I’ve got packing to do.

Keep your jetpacks fired up, and never miss an opportunity to soar to the highest heights you can dream of. It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Ma … Wait, that’s not right. … But time *is* fleeting, so don’t waste it.

Go live your lives, and…


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