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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #30: A Shady Bizness Goin’ Down

15 Nov 2011 by BlindGeek, No Comments »

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! No, this is not a MonkeyCon crosspost! No, this is not a feedback show! It’s an honest-to-god, real-live, bona fide issue of Monkeys Took My Jetpack!

What’s in this issue, you ask?

The climactic, epic, and just-plain-cool finale of the Shady Bizness adventure–at least, as it stands now. It’s our final session of Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown. Ain’t no point in even wearing socks while listening to this one, gang, ‘cause they’re just gonna be knocked right off.

So let’s go back to April 5, 2010, and enjoy the silky-smooth sounds of the Jetpackless, before they were such. And remember, Funkadelic Frankenstein was not only GMed by our own Joshua Burnett. It was also written by him. Go on over to Hex Games and buy yourself a copy. It’s the best less-than-a-buck you will ever spend.

Will the Prometheus Jones Detective Agency prevail in catching Bad Leroy and stopping the spread of the monster-drug Shade throughout their town?

Listen, and find out!

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