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MonkeyCon Actual Play: Hocus Focus, Late-Night Edition

10 Nov 2011 by BlindGeek, 1 Comment »

Hi, gang.

As any convention attendee can tell you, the fun doesn’t stop just because the scheduled activities are at an end, and our wonderful MonkeyCon was no exception. A pick-up game of Hocus Focus was held after the “official” events were finished. They’re tired, they’re a little punch-drunk (so to speak), and they’re all having a great time! And I’m confident you will too, as you listen to this, the final game of MonkeyCon.

However, rest assured, this is not the final recording you’ll be hearing from MonkeyCon. Other games are trickling in, and you can bet that as we become aware of them, they’ll get slapped onto the feed with due speed.

And es, MTMJ#30 is coming soon as well. Patience, my friends. Good things do come to those who wait.

But enough about waiting. Wait no longer! Here is Hocus Focus, the Late-Night Edition.


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