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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #28: Preparations

20 Sep 2011 by BlindGeek, 3 Comments »

Hello, everyone. If you are wondering what took this issue so long to materialize, you need look no further than George Lucas and Mrs. BlindGeek. For an Anniversary present, she bestowed upon me the Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray box set. As it is, I’ve only managed to get through the first four parts of the saga, factoring in time for listening to the commentary tracks, and the coolest thing ever–all six Star Wars films were given descriptive-audio tracks! What this means is that a narrator describes the action on screen, making sure to not step on dialogue. It’s pre-scripted narration, so they give a pretty decent amount of detail. If you ever feel like watching a Star Wars film while doing housework or something else where you can’t see the screen while you work, you might have some fun checking it out.

Anyway, you don’t read this blog to learn of my movie-watching habits. You want to learn about the latest issue!

It’s another chapter in our Zorcerer of Zo saga. We find our heroes together but apart (Hmm, probably would’ve been a better title, but oh well…) on the Island of Repose. Will they find each other? Will Zephyr find Nick Pockets? Will Thomas run afoul of anyone while he’s here? Will Webster find true love? Is he even looking for it? Will Jarrod find a way to make himself useful? Some of these questions will be answered in this issue. Of course, some won’t … but finding out which is which is half the fun.

Enough babbling from me.

Go forth and download!


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