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New Promo from Trilobite

13 Jun 2011 by BlindGeek, 1 Comment »

Okay, technically, it’s not new per se, since it aired on an earlier episode … but I said I was going to put it out on the feed for you to use and keep and cherish as we do, and I never did … so this is me making up for lost time. This promo will also be available along with all of our promos in the sidebar on the home page.

Trilobite, you rock in ways the ROlling Stones can only dream of as they continue to attempt to gather moss. Your eloqution skills make ‘Enry ‘Iggins roar with the wrath of a Tyrannosaurus Harrisonicus. Thank you ever so much for such a fine piece of writing, and such a fabulous production of same. We are both honored and flattered by it.

As for the rest of you …

Enjoy, and thanks for spreadin’ the Jetpack love.

(Yes, I was gonna say monkey love, but the images that immediately sprung to mind made me rapidly alter course.)

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