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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #12: A Shady Bizness on the Rise

3 Mar 2011 by BlindGeek, No Comments »

Once again, I have to say: Better late than never. I appreciate your patience, and hopefully, I’ll be caught up in time to post MTMJ#13 by its Monday deadline. Heads up, though; Saturday is usually a prime editing day for me, and my Saturday is pretty solidly booked, so odds are that MTMJ#13 will be a bit late as well.

But enough excuses about my lack of punctuality; we have a whopper of an issue for you this time! It’s a feedback show! It’s an episode! It’s a feedback show! It’s an episode! Wait … IT’S A FEEDBACK SHOW *AND* AN EPISODE!!!!! Yes, that’s right, friends, we’ve combined two great tastes that taste great together–a feedback show from last week, and the Jetpack Flashback you were expecting–Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown #3.

We rejoin our heroes from the Prometheus Jones Detective Agency, still looking for leads so they can rid Monstertown of a ring of drug dealers responsible for spreading a dangerous narcotic through the streets of their fair city. The funk will fly in this thrilling installment you don’t want to miss!

BLINDGEEK: Prometheus Jones, the Funky Frank himself
CHRIS: Jerome, Vampire Extraordinaire
NIKKI: Bridey Steinenfrank, Monstertown’s most radiant wrestler
PAT: Betty, the Deep One whose amazing looks are only matched by her fashion sense.

Links In This Issue:
Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown
Hex Games
Solid Symbols
Dresden Files RPG
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
“I say we let him go…”
Twyla Tharp


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