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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #11: Shattered

21 Feb 2011 by BlindGeek, No Comments »

Hi, gang. Here we are again, with another fun-filled issue! This time, we resume right where we left off at the end of ISsue #10, with Princess Zephyr, Thomas Quinn, Hickory and Jarrod Stanwick trying to determine the fate of Dickory. To say more would be to spoil things, so I shan’t.

Due to your Friendly Neighborhood Podcast Editor trying to make a shortcut in adding vocal effects such as reverb, some of the reverb in this issue is … well … overdone. You’ll know it when you hear it. I caught the fact that it wasn’t working and adapted, but I was not able to go back and change the stuff I’d already done. I only mention it to avoid the feedback alerting me to the fact that would no doubt flood our forums if I *hadn’t* mentioned it. I love constructive criticism, but I”m already aware of it. My apologies. Don’t worry, the dialog is understandable; it’s just more like they’re in a weird dreamscape than a cathedral. My bad. And as I said, it does get worked out.

Enough reading. Time to listen. Enjoy!

BLINDGEEK: Jarrod Stanwick
CHRIS: THomas Quinn, the big ol’ grumpy talking bear
NIKKI: Princess Zephyr
PAT: Hickory

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Dresden Files RPG
Spirit of the Century
Meddling Kids
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Sonic Legends: A Prosperous Tavern

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