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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #9: A New Kid In Town

31 Jan 2011 by BlindGeek, 8 Comments »

Well, here’s where we test the dedication of our fans, because if you can listen to this issue and make it to the end without screaming or breaking something due to sheer frustration, you deserve a medal for bravery, to say nothing of the respect and admiration of all of us. Due to a SNAFU involving Audio Hijack Pro, a re-install, and a forgetful (or at the very least, nonthinking) BlindGeek, all but the first ten minutes of this issue were overlaid with static and white noise. Despite attempts to clean it up, it still left us with a barely-listenable game session. I almost didn’t post it at all, but it contained a lot of feedback that deserved to be heard, and a new character was introduced. It’s a great session, if you can overlook the horrible audio quality.

BLINDGEEK: Jarrod Stanwick
CHRIS: Thomas Quinn, the big ol’ grumpy talking bear
NIKKI: Princess Zephyr
PAT: Hickory and Dickory

Too disgusted with it to care. LOL Trust me, folks, we’ll be back up to speed for Issue #10. This was just one of those “Aw, crap!” moments in life. Ya just gotta slog through it and move on. My apologies.

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