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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #4: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

12 Dec 2010 by BlindGeek, 13 Comments »

Here we are again with another go-‘round with the Gregarious Gamers! In this issue, we’re back to the Zantabulous Land of Zo, where we conclude the 2(3)-part adventure we started (continued) last week (two weeks ago). Confused? Don’t be. Just listen to last week’s issue, and all will become clear.

BLINDGEEK: Figgis the Newt (Figgis Newton)
CHRIS: Thomas Quinn (incorrectly named in my opening dialogue; sorry, Chris)
NIKKI: Princess Zephyr (Much too royal for a mere parenthetical!)
PAT: Hickery & Dickery (What *is* it with dwarves coming across princesses in these stories, anyway?)

Links Pertaining to This Issue:
Zorcerer of Zo – The game we find ourselves playing in this issue
Decoder Ring Theater – An amazingly good and pulpy audio-drama podcast you owe it to yourself to check out
Tri Tac Games Podcast – A podcast put out by the company responsible for Fringeworthy and other awesome games, and who we call friend
Flingshot Flying Monkey – An inaugural-podcast/early-Christmas present from Mrs. BlindGeek, and MTMJ’s new unofficial mascot
Hex Games Holiday bundles – Spread a bunch of holiday cheer–with these games, some pretzels, and a whole lot of beer!
Zombiality – A link of EXTREME IMPORTANCE!, but you’ll have to listen to this issue to find out why!

Promos Played In This Issue:
Disney Indiana
All Games Considered
Brunch with the Brits

Also, keep your ears open for details about a small but fun contest we’re running … and also, stick around at the end for a wee surprise … a sort of DVD extra, if you will.

Enjoy the issue … and thanks for listening.

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