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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #100: Reunion!

23 Aug 2022 by BlindGeek, Comments Off on Monkeys Took My Jetpack #100: Reunion!

It’s been twelve years in the making, and here it finally is!

MONKEYS TOOK MY JETPACK #100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I realize that I made the podcast with surprise in mind, and that these show notes will pretty much mess that whole idea up. Still, I think promoting of these people’s work far outweighs in importance the few seconds of “Oh! Wow!” you’d get from being totally surprised. If total surprise means that much to you, stop reading this, listen to the podcast, and then come back. We’ll wait.

Still waiting.

And still waiting.

Waiting some more.

Okay, I think we’re about done waiting now.

Okay, glad you’re back.

So here are links to works being done by the participants in this here 100th issue:

From Joshua Burnett:

From Patrick Murphy:

From Trilobite:


And in case you didn’t listen first, you sneaky so-and-so, there are still some surprises in store.

So go forth…

…and enjoy!

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