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Monkeys Took My Jetpack #81: High Flying Action!

5 Sep 2019 by BlindGeek, Comments Off on Monkeys Took My Jetpack #81: High Flying Action!

To quote the great man himself: Face front, True Believers!

Today’s issue finds the Jetpackless Gentlemen (and lady, natch) continuing our tabletop tomfoolery with the second session of Truth & Justice, that great game of smashing superheroics from Atomic Sock Monkey Press.

We at MTMJHQ had some personal loss which set this issue back some, and I appreciate your understanding of that; I don’t anticipate months between issues on a regular basis. I plan on coming as close to a biweekly release schedule as time and sanity will permit.

I’m curious to know if any of our listeners are benefiting from the breaking of each issue into chapters. I started doing that so you could easily navigate straight to the game, should you not be in the mood for our banter. I don’t know how widespread the ability to navigate chapters has become in the world of podcast players. My own player of choice, Overcast, supports them, but if this is a rarity, perhaps we should return to the practice of putting the pre-game banter at the end of the podcast? Feedback is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Thank you.

All right! Enough of this update! It’s time to download and delight in the derring-do which is being doled out in this alacritous issue.


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