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Monkeys Took My Jetpack#70: Amazonian Overtures

18 Jun 2017 by BlindGeek, Comments Off on Monkeys Took My Jetpack#70: Amazonian Overtures

Hey, kids!

It’s time once again for another thrill-packed issue of Monkeys Took My Jetpack! This time, we’re cluin’’ you in on the 24th session of our Dresden Files campaign! Recorded way back on November 4, 2013, this thing is rapidly becoming ancient history. And yet, it’s been such a rip-roaring gaming experience that it’s spawned not one, but two spin-off campaigns. Unfortunately, as near as this podcast host can tell, only one of those campaigns will see the light on this here ‘cast, but that doesn’t change the fact that two actually exist. What are they, you ask? Only time, and patience, will reveal the answer.

I suppose after all this chit-chat and blither-blather, you might actually like a download link so you can get your hands (or more accurately, your ears) on this exciting installment. Well, wait no more. Here it is.


And remember…

Make Mine Monkey!!!

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