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Red Alert! Red Alert!!

8 Mar 2014 by BlindGeek, Comments Off on Red Alert! Red Alert!!

Hi, gang.

This is a heads-up to let you know that we of MTMJ are aware that comments have been unavailable to you for about a week or so now. This is not an accident. Some rather naughty people found a way to hack into our server via comments and/or spambot users. Either way, we’ve been able to curtail the problem, but felt it prudent to turn comments off. As an alternative, because we love getting your feedback and discussing our podcast, I invite you to like us on Facebook. I’ll be keeping the page up-to-date as new issues are posted, and you can easily comment on those threads. I’m looking into the possibility of starting up a Monkeys Took My Jetpack group on Facebook as well, and that would allow us to do anything else we want, such as discussing games, launching impromptu get-togethers for gaming, etc. Pretty much anything the forums could do, we can conceivably do through Facebook. Love our forums, but times change, and so does technology, and I’m extremely late to the Facebook party, but it seems the easiest way to go, now that blog commenting is being discontinued. I’m hoping this will actually prove more convenient for people rather than less, since most of the planet seems to be on Facebook. In any event, thanks for your understanding. See you on our Facebook page!

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